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02 August 2007


i think maybe i should work out when i'm drunk. today, after work, i went to the gym, i did the alpine run on level 2 for 30 minutes and 20 minutes in had to decrease to level 1. i was dying. granted i have asthma, but i don't use that as an excuse.

i just walked home my latest local bar, the gateway grill in monroeville, PA, off of exit 57 from turnpike 76... **plug, plug**

the walk is uphill. granted i'm no lance henrikson, er... lance armstrong, but it was a hill. i was crazy winded before i realized i'd climbed it. AND i don't realize being winded last time i climbed it, so maybe i should exercise drunk. i won't want to give up. i'm a pussy. i ALMOST gave up completely on my run today. do i drink, i exercise, i fornicate... if only it was that easy.

see you all in the morning, and like i tell my bed partners... i'll apologize now for what you see when you wake up... yeah, i'm the beer goggles.


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