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31 July 2007

where my bitchez at?

i got a jacuzzi in my room, so where my bitchez at? i have a king size bed and a sofa bed just in case for the platonicists. i haven't tried it out yet, as i went to the gym yesterday and then showered and ate. maybe today i'll skip the gym and calgon take me away. it's kinda strange that it is in my bedroom instead of the bathroom, and if you do the birthday suit thing... when you get out, you could flash the I-76 turnpike booths (my window faces RIGHT onto the highway, like "stone's throw" close). so that might cause some crashes, bad if they see me, good if they see a hottie in my room. i'm not sure if you can fit two people in there, i'll find out later, it seems kinda small, but i'll keep you all updated, i'm sure you are dying of suspense.

this job is going to be a fluffy, high-calorie, artery-clogging piece of angel cake. i'm here to babysit the machine while they test it. it goes like this. a company in france bought a turbine from TheGeneral and a compressor from another company, the site i'm at. the french customer wants to test our turbine coupled to the compressor before we ship it to yemen. all the mechanical work is done, they actually started testing last week, but there are some electrical/controls issues. so when they do the testing, i just have to make sure all the valves are lined up, no leaks, etc. looks like we might test next week maybe, then when we are done, i get to help them take it apart, box it up, and ship it off IF i'm still here (vacation in 17 days). so until the testing, we are sitting in the control room, playing on the internet. might have to bring my language CDs in tomorrow to keep my brain from rotting. the only bad thing is we are working 5-8's, so no overtime. AND can't recall ever being on a job that is done at 3:30pm. we are working 7A-3:30P. that is craziness. i drove the 30 minutes to the hotel, goofed around on the internet, exercised, showered, AND had dinner all before 6PM. that's unheard of. i felt like the lazy version of the old army commercial (We do more before 9 a.m. than most people do all day). plus, i get the weekend off, hope someone wants to join me in a red's game. come on, do it.

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Blogger themom said...

Hope you find someone to enjoy the jacuzzi with!! Friends are a good thing - such a fluff job!

11:35 AM, July 31, 2007  

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