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07 May 2008

TheMom is here

i've been meaning to blog, but work has kept me away. i've been having to track down obscure lubrication specs for motors that have little-to-no documentation. i took today and tomorrow off to greet my visitors. sadly, jules isn't here to host my guests with me. she was shuttled off to tunisia several days ago. we tried hard to keep her here to no avail. she should be back within a month or so, hopefully sooner, but things are not looking good at getting her back any sooner than i would hope. she is a bit disappointed. TheMom and her get along well, and TheJay and TheJaysWife like he alot. damn TheGeneral busting up my good time.

anyways, TheMom got in, one bag missing. it'll be here at 3:30AM. i have to pick up TheJay and TheJaysWife at 2:45AM. they are flying in from cleveland via athens, where they spent a day of touring. they'll be trotting around egypt most of this week, only spending about 72 hours of a week here with me and TheMom in cairo. they are flying to sharm el sheik and then taking the train to luxor. TheMom is taking a nap right now. she has a bad back and the long flight didn't do it very well. we are going to dinnner with the guys from work in about an hour. i set up a DVD player and a TV in her room because she is pavlovianly-trained to fall asleep with the TV on. TheDriver is going to crash here tonight because he wants to make breakfast for my guests in the morning. we probably won't get home until around 4:00AM and it's about and hour's drive each way to his house. i told him not to kill himself to get home and back and then make breakfast, so he is going to crash on our couch. in the morning he is going to make "fool", it's a mashed bean dish with onions, tomato and peppers. it is amazing. then, we are taking the metro train to downtown cairo to see the cairo museum and khan el khalili. after that, TheDriver is going to meet us, possibly with his fiancee, to go to a REAL egyptian restaurant, then we are going to take a faluca (boat) ride on the nile at night. it'll be awesome. on friday, we do the pyramids and sphinx. saturday TheJay and TheJaysWife start their wandering, and my mom starts here relaxation. TheDriver will be available for her to go wherever she wants but i think she will want to bask in the sun by the pool downtown. whatever she wants. she brought my replacement XBOX 360 power cord, and i bought a 220-110V transformer (brilliant), so in the next few days, i MIGHT be on XBOX live with the BTBz. we'll see.

that's enough for now. i gotta clean up for dinner. i have some random pictures i need to post. i'll get to them as soon as possible. later

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Blogger Rich | Championable said...

Dude! Have a great time with your Mom. You guys must be psyched to hang!

6:32 AM, May 09, 2008  

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