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07 November 2008

movin' out, movin' on

well, i'm packed. the landlady whom i've never met was supposed to be here are 10AM to check out the apartment before i leave. she's rescheduled for 11:30AM now. if she doesn't make it by noon, i'll leave the keys with security. i've taken pretty good care of this place, AND i'm leaving her a free dryer and internet router. that should offset anything she finds. yeah the pace is a bit dirty since jules fired the housekeeper just before my R&R. also, while i was on R&R, jules took to leaving the screens open instead of having the A/C on. cairo is a dirty city, so that left a film of shite on everything. in my apathy upon return, i left the screens in place, so the floors are a bit mucky. i swept the former pool table room yesterday, i might give the kitchen a quick mopping.

at noon, i hop in the car with TheDriver who is coming to alex with me. he and another driver are gig to get an apartment together. i can't see his fiancee being very happy about that. they'll be almost 3 hours apart, i doubt they'll see each other very often now, but that's his problem. all the people at this site who took shortcuts and didn't listen to our technical advice have since moved on to the site i'm going to now, nubaria, so i get to follow up on the same shite. yippee!!!

i have SO much shite. i sent the big things home thinking i didn't have much. the things you collect over 10 months. i have a FULLY stuffed suitcase (i've never unzipped the expander zipper before), a PACKED duffel, three backpacks, two shoulder bags, 3 grocery bags, a small crate, and 6 canvases. it's insane. the hotel is going to think i'm a homeless man moving in. i've told the regional manager that i'm going home for christmas no matter what, even if i have to quit. i don't want to, but i need to go home and see friends. hopefully, i'll be able to glean some things off of this mass amount of baggage so i can take it home in two manageable trips, one at christmas and one at demob. well, i guess that's enough for now, gotta pack up this here laptop, and get read to go. more when i get to alex.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

While my personal situation was a bit different than yours, I remember what it was like packing up my stuff and emptying the apartment I had when I was in Greece. It was sickening almost.

And to top it all off -- literally, 15 minutes before my gf was supposed to drive me to the airport, I walked out the door without the keys as I was taking stuff down to the car. So, here I was, 1.25hrs from the time my plane was to depart, and I've just locked myself out. I'm in Greece, AND as fate would have was snowing! There was actually 1/2" of snow on the ground and everything was closed that morning. By some kind of divine intervention, we were able to get a locksmith to come around on his under 20 minutes!!! As you well know, speedy service is not something much of the world outside of the US can pride itself on, so 20mins was unbelievable.

I thought he was going to want like 100euro or someting, and he turns to me and says, "15 euro". I gave the guy a 50 cuz that's all I had and told him "Xronia polla" -- basically, Merry Christmas.

No essential point to my story other than how shameful, funny and unbelievable AND how it relates to yours in moving out of a place where you're comfortable. BUT, I guess you could say, that somehow things worked out. Just keep moving. Have a safe trip getting there.


9:33 AM, November 07, 2008  
Blogger themom said...

I'll miss being able to Skype and stalk. Such a nice apartment too, but life still moves on. Travel safe and keep in touch with me. Sure!!

10:22 AM, November 07, 2008  
Blogger slyght said...

btw, why is no one dogging on me for my typos. i'm a grammatical freak, but lately my posts are full of errors. i'm sorry, i'll edit tomorrow when i have more time and am more sober. hast luego.

1:47 PM, November 07, 2008  
Blogger themom said...

that would be "hasta luego!" I've noticed the "errors" but chalk it up to your mind moving faster than your fingers - and we know what you are saying anyway. heehee


5:16 PM, November 07, 2008  
Blogger swedish chef dave said...


why didnt you just ship everything back with the big stuff, leaving just a small suitcase, I am off to spain in April to move house completely, i have everything to pack up in a container sometime, that is going to be a frigging nightmare, then trying to pack it all in a tiny house in the mountains of spain will kill me, how much longer you got at the new site, maybe another 6 months??, hope all goes well,


Dave heading to mexico

10:22 AM, November 08, 2008  
Blogger slyght said...

i really thought i could fit everything in my suitcase and bag. it was a massive brain fart, i just didn't want to pack, so i didn't put any thought into it really. eh, no worries, my new hotel room is pretty damn big, so i have room to paint still, if only i can find some free sober time after work.

i'm currently scheduled to be here until 1-april, but i think the managers are having an april fool's joke on that one. we'll see.

2:25 AM, November 09, 2008  

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