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26 October 2008

starting to blog like jules

no, not really, i'm not THAT bad. it's only been a week. anyways, i must apologize for not updating with my R&R pix and such. i've gone out to dinner with TheElectricalTA that past two nights. he kinda wants to take me under his wing about the break-up since he went through a nasty divorce 3 years ago in egypt. he suggests i cut down on the drinking and see a therapist. what i did i do? i continued ordering drinks and stumbled my way home. that hasn't helped with the packing at all. tonight, i'm staying on the straight and narrow (kinda). staying in, ordering delivery something or other, and starting to pack my books and sort clothes as to what i'll need and what i can ship home. after that, i MIGHT start organizing foodstuffs into what i can take with me to a hotel (liquor, chips, peanut butter) and what i'm going to give the TheMech since he lives closest. i have jules old bike to give away to either the building handyman or TheDriver if he wants it. my apartment is too empty as it is, so i dread packing up the TV and stereo until thursday before the movers come, but then there are wispy rumors that TheSiteLead MIGHT try to keep me on for a few days longer. so i might be stranded in a completely unentertaining apartment for a few days. crap.

anyways, i'm collating and renaming and OCDing my pictures from the R&R (over 600). i should be done in a few days. depending on how much packing i get done in the next few days, or how much procrastinating i do instead, i should be able to start blogging the trip soon. it'll be numerous posts. sorry to keep you hanging, but life is kinda up in the air right now, and i'm just being kept afloat by the bernoulli effect (check out the video at the bottom to see what i mean).


Blogger themom said...

are you the blowee or the blower???
thinking about you and NO I'M NOT WORRYING. So glad you got back here though. Check in with me once in awhile OK? Sure!


1:14 PM, October 26, 2008  
Blogger Christy said...

PACK DAMNIT! lol get yer ass moving! (does that help? it's all the energy i have right now...damn pills)

6:59 PM, October 26, 2008  

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