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18 November 2008

yeah, yeah, yeah, i know....

just to let you know, you REALLY don't know how much i want to blog about oktoberfest. it was a great time, but work has been insane. we are working 10 hour days with a 3-hour roundtrip from the hotel to site and back. by the time you get showered, eat, have a few cocktails, plus counting the time getting ready in the morning... it is easily a 16-17 hour day. normally i could find some time at work around lunch to blog, but i've been covering for TheNewSiteLead on site here as he is on his R&R, so i'm doing the admin paperwork plus the mechanical ACTUAL work. i'm actually pretty exhausted with NO time to update. instead of having a few extra drinks and being social, since there were no ladies at the bar, i decided to come back here and quickly update you as to what's up. sadly, that means i don't have enough time for an oktoberfest update, but i WILL find time, i promise, soon.

in no particular order:
  • today i thought i was going to die. we were on our way to work, i was reading my book, and TheDriver locked up the brakes and we start skidding sideways. i look up and see a huge dumptruck (going the same direction as us) in front of us doing the same... seriously, sliding sideways. we all stopped safely, without incident, and after getting our bearings, we drive around a small chevy pickup truck that was stopped in the road. it was merrily driving along in front of the dumptruck until it's hood came unlatched and slammed into it's windshield. instead of realixing there was no traffic around and cautiously pulling over to the shoulder, he SLAMMED on the brakes with a 3-ton truck right on his bumper (and us on that truck's bumper). my heart was a-poundin' for the rest of the trip.

  • one of the mechanical guys onsite asked me why i wasn't married, being 30 and all, i told him in vague details that i just got out of a relationship, i'm never home, i travel a lot, etc. he told me i should get married and bring her with me. then i mentioned that i thought that would get boring for the woman, i think i would want someone who wants her own career as well. he said woman were happy being at home, taking care of the house, making sure it was comfortable for the man when he got home, and taking care of the children. i told him i figured that would get boring for the woman, stuck at home watching TV, tending to kids and the house at the husbands whim. i wouldn't want that. then he said women give men headaches because they make us think about those things, but we shouldn't... they are happy. googly moogle

  • another egyptian man onsite today was telling me why it was good to be egyptian. egyptians can have four wives, and they should be virgins. it is good that they should be virgins because when you enter her, she always fits YOU because you first molded her (i don't think he understood basic female physiology). also, if you have four wives, and they are virgins, then they have never been and will never be with another man, so when you "put your milk in her", you know your child is yours and you know she is not dirty (diseased). despite the fact that these men can often be promiscuous themselves. doobly googly moogly

some quick pix then i REALLY need to get to bed. i'll try to find some time in the next few days for the good times on R&R.

JIHAD!!! i really have no clue what this company is but it's "lord" with a sword?!


that's a frickin' PIT! i wouldn't want to even go in there WITH authorization. this is like those "contents might be hot" warnings on coffee lids because some retard burnt themselves.

i have one other good funny one, but it is on my camera still, and it is at work.

hah, i JUST got a FutureMe email that i sent to myself from india 3 years ago. my how things change, in exactly all the ways i didn't want. i had the bot fly at the time, jules and i were together, all my friends were getting married. that website was cool until getting that email at this very minute.


Blogger themom said...

WOW! That is too cool. I ought to future email myself, but hell I might not be here - ya never know!! Still a cool thing.

10:03 PM, November 18, 2008  
Blogger Ami said...

What are you talking about? Why would a woman want her own career? I don't get it.

2:04 AM, November 19, 2008  
Blogger B Town Chump said...

Whoa dude. Not to kick a man when he's down, but ALL the relationship updates you had 3 years ago are all the same... except one. Sorry, man.

9:41 AM, November 19, 2008  
Blogger dapolishprincess said...

The other reason for the virgin is so the woman is ignorant to the fact that there might be better sausage out there.

11:14 AM, November 19, 2008  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, hook me up with a smoking hot egyptian virgin (or better yet four of them).

I could handle it.


12:38 PM, November 19, 2008  
Blogger B-Town J.H.C. said...

That building with the Lord sign on top with a sword through the name: That's pretty "God-y". Get it...gaudy.

7:36 PM, November 21, 2008  

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