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05 March 2009

i want to get skinny

not for my health or anything noble like that. i want to get skinny so i can wear some of these cool clothes i found from a shop in seattle, called buddhaful. damn all the cool clothes only being made in XL at the largest.

this timurese hoodie has an awesome design on the back and sleeves plus it has thumb-holes and a ninja-style hood.

i'd also like this indhi holster. i like messenger bags and alice packs and all sorts of carrying devices. this fits that category plus it's hideable under clothes and such, but it seems to be targeted at ladies as the largest size is small.

check out buddhaful above for a really unique clothing line. there are some lovely women's clothes i'd like to buy, but being single, i've no one to buy for.

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Blogger themom said...

I LOVE the hoodie! Why don't people think that those of us "slightly round" people can have neat things also???

8:32 AM, March 05, 2009  

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