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20 July 2009

you wanna do WHAT to WHOM?!

i rarely find something this strange and/or funny and have my camera at the same time. this was one of those few days (though if i didn't have it, i could've walked to my room to get it). this is a sign in the outdoor mall downstairs from my hotel. there is a "defile" outlet store in the the mall, which i thought was strange in itself. there's also a "subway" jeans store, so called, because they rented the space that was formerly a "subway" sandwich store, and the previous owners didn't take the "subway" sign with them.

anyways, when i walked by this sign, i took a delayed double-take, then went back, verified i was reading and seeing what i was reading and seeing, then i took the picture. there are other "defile" adverts in the mall with little girls on them, but none of them have the girls' clothes coming off of them.

i gotta get out of this country!!!

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Blogger themom said...

That's scary! Hapy you had camera and could share this with us. It is just least by American standards. :)


9:05 AM, July 20, 2009  
Blogger themom said...

**that is the word verification that somehow didn't get on the right line (by the X-O's). I need more coffee.

9:11 AM, July 20, 2009  
Blogger B Town Chump said...

Hmmmmm. That reminds me of this time in Turkmenistan...

10:03 AM, July 20, 2009  
Blogger trinnydecca said...

When I went to Costa Rica, there were signs all over the airport that read "If you plan on soliciting an underage prostitute, we will escort you to jail", almost like they were doing something really nice for you. "Oh hey, Gary Glitter, we'll be happy to escort you. You don't even have to drive, so you can knock a few back. Yep, the ride is on us. No worries. Happy kid diddlin'!"

8:17 PM, July 21, 2009  
Blogger Yasser said...

looooooool...I cant stop laughing...CORRECTION "DEFILE" the word you read on the ad is actually the French word "défile" which means parade/fashion show. So basically this ad was for a kids fashion show taking place in Cairo Conference Center!!!

12:50 PM, August 01, 2009  

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