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28 June 2009

mccain and i are sharing wavelengths

three or four days ago, i was socializing with my new hash friends when i came up with the idea that instead of fighting north korea and iran and china, we need to just break through the propaganda and censorship. we need to find a way to provide OTHER countries with free internet access or wi-fi. we can use technology rather than force to help the people see a more realistic and less biased view of the world and country they live in. giving people the power of information to give them the power to organize. that was my idea. i wasn't sure how to implement it, but i think it was a good idea at the very least.

john mccain feels the same.

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Blogger adhyapaka said...

I think recent happenings in Iran may back you up on this somewhat. I'm kind of disturbed that you are getting telepathic with McCain though...

7:59 PM, July 06, 2009  

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