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09 July 2009

my impulse buy

well, TheSteadman was ragging on me for reading "monk" books since i've run out over here in egypt. i'm currently stuck with the bible and the qur'an left, and my "learning to read and write arabic" book. so, last night i was in the room and TheSteadman was online in between jobs so we started talking. i'd asked her earlier to take a picture of her holding her kindle, and if she could also take a picture of the kindle next to a standard paperback, just to get a visual feel for the size. i was debating between getting a kindle or a kindle DX.

since i was bored and researching and she was bored, she told me to buy is so she could shop vicariously through me... so i bought the DX. my main concern is fragility. i've heard several people complain that they put them in their bag on the way to work, and when they get to work, the screen has cracked. amazon shows a 30" drop test, but it's not the drop i'm so concerned about it, the twist. it is about 10" at it's longest and 1/3" thick. i'm afraid this is going to facilitate damage, not from blunt force as in dropping, but from torquing as in it being twisted while in a bag or backpack. well, the deal is done, it's bought and paid for, so we'll see how well it goes when and if i ever get home to play with my new toy. one good thing is that the DX has a native pdf reader, so i can DL free books online in pdf to read instead of paying $9.99 for books from amazon. i AM a comparison/bargain shopper... kinda, despite the stupid things i buy, i DO try to find the best deal on said stupid things.

i'm trying to hunt down some more pix of scotland. i still have stirling pix to post, and trying to get some from rosslyn. i'll get those up in a day or two. i'm working on a third blog i'll unveil soon, and then i'll seriously try to finish up the oktoberfest saga before it becomes a year old story.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, then what's your feeling about owning books going forward? I mean, it's obviously a major convenience for you to have the Kindle where you are and for situations like this in the future. But, you have to like books. I mean, I have a small bookcase just in the living room, and it is one of the few things I really value.

Oktoberfest - LOL!

9:04 AM, July 09, 2009  
Blogger themom said...

Trust me....he has enough books to fill a library!! Why did I think you already had a kindle????

9:16 AM, July 09, 2009  
Blogger slyght said...

TheJersey Quaker: dude, i love books! i can't wait until i have a house to store them in. i bought somethings from you register books, leave a bookmark in them with the reg code, and leave them for other people, then they can register to see where it came from. it's a book sharing thing, but i love my books so much, i cna't bear to let them go. it's awful. i REALLY am looking forward to having a "library" someday.

TheMom: i bought jules a kindle.

10:53 AM, July 09, 2009  
Blogger J Ho said...

you don't need the dx to view pdf books. I can convert pdf books to a format the kindle can view. I always tell her to ask me before she pays amazon but she never does.

3:51 PM, July 10, 2009  
Blogger slyght said...

JHo: TheSteadman is fired. i asked her if you DLd books for her or anything, or if it were possible, and she said you don't. uh-oh!

6:47 AM, July 11, 2009  

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