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11 July 2009

another bad haircut

maybe this is why i didn't cut my hair for 15 years. bad barbers. here is me with my latest haircut and my "stern" look. i've never had to deal with it until now, but a lot of the guys i work with have to go out and find a barber on the road that can do a decent job. you can't just pop down to zeke's and have him give you the same haircut he's given you since you were 10. probably the hardest part is that, here, they don't speak english. so i asked my driver how do you say "half" because i wanted my hair half as short as it was, he told me "nos". easy enough. i go in, say hi, ask "nos?" while pulling my hair to it's length, and he nods "yes". another bad thing is that, barbers here only know one hairstyle. i'd say 99% of egyptians have curly hair like me, but almost all of them comb it straight back. they don't embrace the curl. so the barber starts by combing my hair straight back though i came in with a truly wind-swept curly-do. he parts it to the right and cuts some, he parts it to the left and cuts some, he give me a back-to-front comb over and cuts some, and i'm realizing my hair is getting a bit shorter than i wanted. i told him to stop before it got too short, so he finished up, then combed my hair STRAIGHT back, and told me he was finished. i can't figure out why when i came in with with wild curly hair that he sent me out looking like a greaser from the 60's.

i seriously think this is one of the worst haircuts i've gotten from a sober person. i mean, when i was like in 6th grade or something, TheDad decided to try to cut my hair drunk, and needless to say, it didn't turn out well. it was dubbed "the MIRL cut". it was similar to this one but more exaggerated, in that, one side was several inches longer than the other. i was also lucky enough to be left with several bald spots from inebriated slips of the clippers.

luckily i have curly hair so no one can really tell, but this is a SHITTY cut job!!! and this is my disgustipated face ("tool" reference)

in other news, i'm up to 2 kings in the bible, and there is some crazy/funny shite going on in there. i think my next post will be the fourth installment of "biblical observations". i also did my third hash yesterday but wasn't named (poor me) the normal RA was away for a few days in ethiopia, so here's to hoping for next week.

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Blogger themom said...

YIKES!!! Maybe it's time to let it go long again. It will grow - as they say. Hold off till you get back home and have it done correctly.


word verif: ratific :)

8:14 AM, July 11, 2009  
Blogger J Ho said...


9:31 AM, July 11, 2009  
Anonymous Clement said...

We wait until the 5th hash to name justs here in Boston. Also, hair grows back and bad cuts don't stay that way for long.

4:56 PM, July 11, 2009  
Blogger adhyapaka said...

I agree with TheMom...Let it grow and get it cut at home. I thought you were exaggerating that they only know one hairstyle, but I see that you were not practicing your use of hyperbole now.

2:54 PM, July 12, 2009  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bic it!!!

5:07 PM, July 15, 2009  

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