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13 May 2005

i am an IT god...

...or at least a demi-god, maybe a sprite of sorts. but i fixed my computer nevertheless. INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE, i would have to say, is one of the tougher problems i've faced with a computer. i'm pretty helpless if i can't get it to boot, but i used the other TAs computer to make a boot disk. used them to get it started then used the recovery console (who knew that existed?) to do some random things, that somehow worked. but i'm not holding my breath. i'm not sure how long this will last. but is is good to be back.

took a while to DL my over 200 e-mails i missed in the past week, that's what i was doing when my computer died in the first place so i was a little hesitant, but all seems well. my timesheet will get approved late, but at least i have my computer working.

the mechanical TA has been making jokes at my expense. there isn't much i can think of that frustrates me more than computers, because i know how to make them do what i want the to do. when they don't, first i think GIGO, check my stuff, then i think the computer is taunting me. when my computer first taunted my with it's terminal error, i punched a concrete wall and stormed about the office. childish, yes, immature, i know, useless, of course. i'm usually the one explaining that to other people but me and work computers have a love/hate relationship that defies all logic.

i gotta catch up on my DxVxDxs, so we are going to make up.


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