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15 June 2005

back at the bus stop to hell

well, i'm back in india. sucks. been here a few days. i was planning on being on webcam last weekend, but with the lots of flying for a computer, actually exercising fairly regularly, not eating much, et al... i had like 4 beers and was wasted. i stumbled up to my room and was gone. i missed text messages, IMs, e-mail beeps, and slept through massive amounts of heavy metal and hindi musicals screaming at me from my computer and TV (respectively).

i know you are all so depressed. either way. dubai was nice. it was hot, but much cleaner than this place and actual nice hotels. i got in around 1:30AM and the hotel's club was jumping, so i cleaned up quick and went down. having not seen a half decent women in several months, walking into that club filled my ears with the soothing harps of heaven. gorgeous NON-Arab women everywhere on a wednesday night!! as per usual, most of them were hookers with that lovely russian accent, some asians, all dressed quite well, and all accounted for by the time i arrived. so i settled down for a budweiser bottle (23 dirhams = $6+) and watch the all black band onstage called "absence of color". they were damn good. even did a quite convincing cover of "in the shadows" by the rasmus. i was impressed. i had a couple more stellas (stella artois, i believe, referred to as "wifebeater" due to the past time of most of it's drinkers) and decided to call it a night around 2:45AM. on the way up to the room, i shared the elevator with a british businessman and his russian "girlfriend". she was speaking russian, he didn't have a clue, i picked out "kiss", "dollar" and possibly "morning" but wasn't sure. i WAS sure that he was going to have a much better night than i.

woke up at 10:15AM when i subconsciously heard the A/C cut out. i grumbled around, verified the power was out by trying the TV and looking at the bedside clock. i figured i should get to the office anyways, so i grabbed by mag-lite and ventured to the shower (something i've gotten accustomed to in india due to the frequent power cuts). the hotel and the room was awesome, but somehow they situated the bathroom so that it was absolutely impossible reflect any sort of light into it from the window. also, the door wasn't level so it slowly slid shut, to the point of me taking the scale and wedging the door open with it. i turn on the faucet and hear a nasty sucking sound. LOVELY!! since i'm on the 18th floor, and there is no power to the pumps, the water that was in the lines before the power outage has fallen and created a vacuum. and quite a vacuum. in trying to figure out if air was coming out or being sucked in, i put my hand over the faucet and it latche don with a fury. apparently 18 stories of head (oh i wish i had that many) carried quite a vacuum.

anyways, the rest of the day was spent at the office right next door, trying to configure my computer (that was suppose dto have been configured over a week ago) withthe limited charge of the battery and by flashlight. got it done, had some subway. had some McD's cheesburgers and a Coke (burny coke, like in the states... yum) then went to the airport and came back here. that was rather regularly boring.

my mech TA decided he was turning in his 4 week notice. he hasn't been paid in 3 months, no pay and no expenses reimbursed. i don't blame him, he has a wife, 2 kids, mortgage, etc., and all this in london, one of the most expensive cities in the world. sucks to see him go, though. we are hurting for TAs as is, not sure when we'll be able to get another one. india claims another one (and he's kinda indian too).

btw, i added a link on the right to Malice's webpage, . you should check her out. you can go through the guest page to get a feel for the site. she gorgeous, does her own design, she's in the software gaming design field, plus the site has great pix, great movies, including some really keen, witty, and sometimes dangerously poignant insights. i think it is a pretty good site. if you got some extra cash, check out the pay site. later.


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