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27 May 2005

another blah day in india

so, nothing new here. still the mad heat. still the slow work progress. still hating this place. slowly working on amazing grace on the bagpipes. not only is it, yes, the number 1 bagpipe song but also, many say, one of the easiest to learn.

i think i'm going to dubai in the next week or two to get my new laptop. the guys in delhi sent me one, but they forgot to set it up for my company logon name. that has to be done connected to the company LAN, and i'm not on one. against my nature, i sent them an e-mail explaining thoroughly how moronic they are.

i found out some time ago that if you are outside the US more than 330 days out of any 365 day period, you get all your taxes back. lovely little gift form the IRS that i'm sure they hate to let people know. considering i could be on this job for 9-10 months by the end of it all, i think i'm going to try to stay out. some of my friends are making it tough, getting married and all, so i have to come back to the US and cut into my 35 "in-country" days, but you're lucky i like ya. so far i've been in 29 days in january, so i'm basicall fucked right off for the 2005 year, but if i start at jan 30, then i've only been in the country about 12 days i think. i'll be home another 13-14 days for red's wedding, so that gets me up to 26 days. that means i can only come home for 9 days more until next february. granted not too tough with the slow progress of this job. on my next site leaves (after the weddings, i'm thinking about hanging out in spain or ireland or wales. any of the cool places i've been so far.

another cool thing about this, once you've spent 330 days out, it's easier to get your taxes back the next year. the equation is something like this... i take the number of days i'm out of the country in the next 365 days period + half of the days i was out last year. if that is greater than 330, i get my taxes back again. so in reality, once i'm out a year, i only have to be out about half a year then next time. excellent stuff if you can do it. we'll see.

well enough boringness. i'll pass on my theory explaining the massive amounts of indian copulation next time.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey just showed gran your page she'll be checking in now and again!

9:22 PM, May 27, 2005  

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