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23 May 2005

new laptop (maybe)

WOO-HOO. after complaining for the past 8 months about the piece of shite that is known as my laptop, my manger's decided to let me order a new one. thing about india is, TheGeneral'd have to pay assloads in customs duties to allow a brand new computer in the country without a person attached to it, and then if it got through customs, it is almost guaranteed it would somehow end up "lost" between the customs desk and the front door of the customs building.

therefore, i get a free trip to dubai in the united arab emirates to pick my computer up at the main company office there. granted, i never wanted to go to an arab country, but this is one of the nicer ones... dubai, abu dhabi. i hear awesome things about these places and maybe i'll be able to wriggle out a day of checking out the mazing hotels they build there. we'll have to see. i'm just excited about getting a new laptop, the IBM T41 (TheGeneral finally got the sense knocked back into them and went grovelling back to IBM). rock on, i gotta go check on the specs.

btw, in my reading up on HTML, i'm tring to figure out how to make a poll on here. clint has now sent me drunk and sober haiku, so i wanna see who likes what the best. considering there are like 3 people who read this, it should be a close vote.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well it's Memorial Day weekend. I will spend it alone in NC with my dog and beer... lots and lots of beer and NHL 2005. I'll see what I can do to turn up some polling html, but don't hold your breath. Also, my farts really stink tonight.

11:22 PM, May 25, 2005  

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