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01 June 2005

oh such long days

well, things are still sucking here but i figured out how to get my e-mail migrated so y'all can e-mail me back at my company address now. came into work 2 days ago and super nuclear crickets in the office. killed 1, then 2, then picked up a box from the floor and my feet were covered in frightened "crickets that time forgot". good god! there had to be at least 20-30 under the box. so i chased them all around the room until they were all squished guts. these things were so big, you could hear the wind get knocked out of them when they ran into a wall (which they do rather often). and i'm thinking these are some sort of cricket hydrid from indian nuclear testing. i don't think crickets can fly, but these things try to. like hummingbird wings on an elephant dragging their fat asses around behind them. absolutely nasty. no joke, i ended up killing 400-500 monday after finding orgies of them under crates and burlap sacks (not sure why there were some in our office). the locals were angry with me for killing the things, but i'm not real fond of the locals either. anyways, after the office boy got fed up with trying to sweep them out the door he stsarted stomping too.

well i'm heading out. i was onsite for 18 hours yesterday and going on 10 today. tomorrow will be another long one. seeya on the flipside


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have a nuclear weiner. Please don't try to step on it or sweep it out the door.

7:18 PM, June 01, 2005  

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