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05 June 2005

sand storms, pre-monsoon, dehydration and "hot for teenie"

it's been such a long couple of days. been trying to insert the generator field for the past 3 days now. it's is now 6:15pm, i've been here since 6:30 am and have at least 4 hours left.

first, the most important thing when inserting the field are cleanliness and keep it dry. so yesterday after maneuvering the thing into position for 10 hours, we were about ready for penetration until we saw that things were about to get wet. on the horizon, storm clouds coming in fast. so as we are hurrying to cover all openings to keep out the rain, we get a pre-party sand storm. we thought that is was the rain blurring the horizon but, no, apparently due to the dry climate, sand storms typically precede rainstorms. yee haw! then chaos ensued. scaffolding collapsing under the wind, people climbing the collapsing scaffolding to try to anchor it, huge sheets metals pieces being swept from the roof of the turbine hall (still under construction) like monstrous, man-slicing razor blades.

so, today went a little better... still took ass-loads of time to get the field in due to the contractor structure. it is comprised of rollers that the field is supported on and rolled into place. ancient egyptians surely designed better than these "professionally engineered" rollers, sometime out of level by as much as an inch.

then being out in the 128 degree heat for almost 12 hours, i realized i'd only drank about 1 liter of water in that whole time. my brain cleared just long enough to realize that i was experiencing the strange early effects of dehydration. soaked to the core in sweat, i couldn't read a ruler correctly, simple math was beyond me, and i was stuttering and mumbling rather incoherently about the incoherent procedures in my head (at least stuttering and mumbling MORE THAN USUAL). lovely experience in moderation, didn't cost me dime and i was acting drunk. actually, since today is sunday i was getting paid double time to feel this funny.

and in closing, i got a text from my sister. seems i've received, back home in bellaire, a letter from my "friend" aleksandra in turkmenistan. check that shit out. i probably have a kid or something. lol. took 1.5 years for the letter to get to the USofA, so i decided not to have it forwarded, i'll check it when i get home.

T, i'm sure you and the guys can come up with some more rousing renditions of turkmeni karaoke now.

signing out before i pass out.


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