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13 February 2006

my point exactly!!!

porn is GOOD
porn is good. it's been good to me for years. kept me company on the lonely nights, kept me warm on the cold nights (laptop on the lap puts out some heat). i like the porn. maybe it's sad, maybe it's sick, but i'm not the only one. there's a reason why up until only a few years ago, porn and sex were the most searched for items by search engines (only beaten out by mp3s in 1999). it looks like it's taken it's reign back. still, that's not the point. the whole point of this post was the t-shirt at the top. that rocks. and if you feel the same, i hope you appreciate the ones at the bottom as well. long live the PORN KING! can't nobody hold me down.

(click to enlarge the images, sorry mom and mom2, but i yam who i yam)

HTML for titsi'm in the mood for a shot of tequilano means eat me out first


Anonymous Anonymous said...

FYI Studies show that laptop on lap leads to testicular cancer.. thought the porn king should beware.


12:04 PM, February 13, 2006  
Blogger ChumpAssFool said...

YESSSSSS! I love the TITS /TITS shirt! She must be a web programmer.

11:56 PM, February 13, 2006  

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