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12 February 2006

googly frick

i am tired. went to the bar last night to welcome the new TA, had a few (too many) drinks, got to bed around, i don't know 10-10:30pm. we had to come to work early (6AM) so the tuner could get the customer out of the hole they are in, so that means leave the hotel at 5:40AM, so i set my alarm for 4:45AM (10 minute snoozes until 5:15AM). apparently on the first snooze, i turned it off. i use my blackberry and to snooze you have to click the scrollbutton, but it is very easy to turn and click without noticing (thus choosing 'stop' instead of 'snooze'). i got a call at 5:53AM from one of the TAs asking if i was coming. i'm NEVER late, i hate being late, i hate to inconvenience anyone waiting on me because i'm late, so i was a bit of a crab this morning (not helping was the massive headache pounding through my brain).

GE Money, babyso now, 12 hours later (but it's sunday so that means double time, woohoo), the customer THINKS they are ready to start the turbine again for some more adjustments, but they can't run past 7:30PM due to the insane amount of noise a steam blow makes. well, there goes the horn, about to startup, then i'm getting some sleep. blah.


Blogger themom said...

you inherited my thing for promptness. I HATE BEING LATE!! but occassionally it cannot be helped. you go man!!


5:42 PM, February 12, 2006  

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