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14 February 2006

the Golden Girls are... SPIES???!!!

happy valentine's day, all. i'm sure you are all having a lovely day with your cuddle bunny. i'm working (nothing new) and one of the guys at the hotel invited me and emma to another hotel to see a DJ. not sure why, but hey, it's free, and it's something to do on V-day. i have a conference call at 7PM so i can't go immediately, but we'll see what i can do.

i check out Malice's website, BeautyDestroyed, just about every day. it is on my list of blogs that i check out daily. she has some wicked sex dreams that i'm wicked envious of, granted i'd rather be on the giving than receiving end. this leads me to my dream last night...

i'm 28 as i am now, working back at the greek-owned restaurant i worked at in middle- and high-school, Rigas's. don't know how, must've gotten fired from my lucrative job with TheGeneral, and i'm back washing dishes. i'm toiling away, it's a busy day, lots of customers and lots of dirty dishes and some shaggy brown-haired kid comes back and is just standing at the entrance to the kitchen. i was too busy to really talk to him and then to make things even better, i knocked over a cup of silverware onto the floor. i'm picking them up and he starts telling me a better way to do the dishes (welcome to Rigas University's Culinary Sanitation Techniques 101). i don't really care to listen to him, telling him i was doing this 15 years ago, i don't really need his help, when i notice one of the other dishwashers has dropped some knives on the floor at the other sink. i'm down on my hands and knees picking them up when there is some gunfire out front. GUNFIRE in Rigas's???
the kid is gone, i look out front, and there is crossfire everywhere, i'm just staying where i am, when i see an older lady i recognize (but can't recall where from) get up from the booth like nothing is going on around her and just walks out the front door. all the sudden i'm outside on the front street in front of Rigas's, and that woman i saw is walking toward me and some other ladies are joining her. wind rushing past them all 1970's Charlie's Angels-style, she says "hi rose" to the lady coming up to her. "oh, hi dorothy". "rose, i can't go to my handler, he's been compromised." then blanche walks over to them, and finally with sophia, handbag on her forearm as usual. the Advanced Geriatric Emergency Deployment (AGED) Team is walking right for me. i'm doomed.

then i woke up. why can't i have HOT dreams? someone please send me some HOT dreams. for fukk sake, i'm dreaming of working in a kitchen, Auntie Mame, the lady who fed her husband to a crocodile in lake placid, the lady from stop! or my mom will shoot, and who knows what rue mclanahan has been doing. nevertheless, i was slightly disturbed when i woke this morning. THE GOLDEN GIRLS!!! must be i'm watching too much Alias.


Anonymous mom, 2u said...

happy valentines day to you...what a nice clean dream you had...ya just can't beat those "golden girls"'s hard for me to imagine the porn king and dorthy...i think she is nearly 7 foot tall,not a good match...hope you and jules have a great v-day..
love mom 2

7:25 AM, February 14, 2006  
Anonymous stephanie said...

Happy V-day Zac!!! Hope u and Emma have a good one! What a dream what a dream!Too much time in India has warped the Porn Kings mind,such an injustice.Wish you had an idea when you would be home...theres a bday coming up and beer to drink!!! you'll have to make up for lost time! Take care and be careful!!!

9:27 AM, February 14, 2006  
Anonymous themom said...

i just knew all that "green" food you have eaten over the years - would finally get to you. DREAMING ABOUT THE GOLDEN GIRLS ?!?!?!?!? wtf? i am beginning to worry about you baby!! hmmm... those indians influence has warped you somehow. take 2 aspirins and call me in the morning.


11:11 AM, February 14, 2006  
Blogger debbiecakes said...

That was some funny shit. Thanks for the morning guffaw.

I'll be dreaming of grumpy old men...Ooohhh.

9:04 AM, February 15, 2006  

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