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07 March 2006

GW and his presidential IQ test

some colleagues and myself got into a political conversation at the bar several nights ago. there were two americans (emma and me), a german, and a pollock (Pole?). they were talking how they were amazed that GW won the first election, but absolutely blown away that he won the second one. we concurred. we don't know how it worked. i'd recently received from someone a lowlight clip of some of the funniest bush-isms. i agreed completely. then i brought up the idea of an IQ test. you can be a smooth-talker, a pretty face, but come on... if you can't say the phrase, "state of the union address"... you shouldn't be president. that is one of the more public things you do as a president. little kids and autistic monkeys know the phrase, yet this is something that our president has some difficulty with articulating it. he was probably wondering who authorized this new state. jane doe from the state of Ohio and janet doe from the state of The Union. you should have a half decent IQ to be president. you are commander-in-chief of one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world.

that being said, i might even let GW off if he could pass this, the wonderlic test test - "a test administered to collegiate athletes who compete in the NFL combines to determine the intelligence of players." (courtesy B-Town V.J.G. J.Ho over at B-Town Boyz). it's a doozy, i'll tell ya. i'm sure GW would be looking offstage to his speechwriters for the answers.

anyways, between a drunken conversation with foreigners trying to defend the intelligence of U.S. voters and this... a post was born. i'm so proud of him. that's our idiot.


Anonymous themom said...

omg - i can't believe THREE blogs within a short period of time - and TWO are political in nature. you go kid!! you know i am the political pundit of the family. but you are sooooo right - the electoral college (what an idiotic name) was created in the dark ages when there were great distances between metropolis' and NO media, other than pony express. i am very proud of you and you observations.

11:15 AM, March 07, 2006  

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