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09 March 2006

... he's got no drafting help

we take the NH-5 home from site. being that this was once a british colony, that means driver's seat is on the right side of the car, they drive on the left side of the road, and left lane is for slow-pokes with passing on the right.

several days ago, on the way home, we saw a lorry or big dump truck stopped ON THE HIGHWAY in the passing lane. this is nothing new because i'm pretty sure there are no driving rules here. i think they learn from watching T.V. as we pass the lorry. the entire front end is smashed in with the driver's side windshield missing and the passenger's smashed. i've seen this type of damage before. this occurs when two lorries are trying to "draft" around a third slower lorry and a dog/child/water buffalo comes out of nowhere. the lead lorry stops, the lag lorry stops after coming to rest smashed up against the lead lorry's tailgate. the truck will remain there IN THE PASSING LANE OF THE HIGHWAY until the driver can beg/barter/steal enough parts to fix it and drive on.

funny thing is, today... i noticed a truck in the same place but at a different angle to the road... i figured "WOW! they tried to at least get it off the road for convenience!. but alas! it was a SECOND lorry that had run into the back of the damaged lorry. yeah, the one that had been there for days. i can't even imagine how that happened.


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