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07 March 2006

your vote DOESN'T count

don't bother voting. granted this post is what... 6 years late, but still, the electoral college is a fukking joke. why bother? with the electoral college, your vote DOESN'T count if you vote for the loser. ALL of your states electoral votes go toward that one candidate and it'd like your time wasn't even worth it.

if it were a popular vote, even if your candidate lost your state, your vote matters. then your vote is integral in keeping the gap as small as possible so maybe the ground can be made up in another state. in 2000, gore won the popular vote by almost 550,000 votes, but he didn't win the key electoral college states. that's such horseshite. he didn't win ohio so that means my vote didn't count. it's a bitch for me to vote. i can't recall a single time i've been home to vote during the actual election. i'm either overseas or out of the state, have to get the absentee ballot, fill it out PROPERLY (which actually is a bit difficult with a paperclip and styrofoam 'chad' catcher). i have to hope it doesn't get squished (and screw up my 'chad's) or lost in the mail. another thing about the absentee ballot is the earlier the better. with my job, i might be leaving in 4 hours so that makes it a bit tough, but i digress, i've gone on a tangent.

look at the electoral votes for states in the 2004 and 2008 elections. rhode island, south dakota, idaho, alaska, hawaii... hah, fukk off. why the hell am i going to campaign there, freezing my ass off in alaska, bored to death in idaho, accosted by a sheep in south dakota, etc. for your puny 3 or 4 votes when i can go to california or texas and *BLAM-O*... what is this alaska place you speak of?

i can possibly see this as a feasible thing back in the day when the presidents were traveling by coach or train to get from place to place. still doesn't make it an excuse to blow off the concerns of the "lesser" vote states. but with the technology today, i think the president should have to address everyone. make every voter feel they can make a difference, make every vote count. if every single vote mattered, they'd be out on the trail any place they could get a vote, not just virginia and ohio and...

but as is with most government positions, they've made themselves indispensible in one way or another. a self-fulfilling prophecy. anarchy!!!!!!! make my vote count dammit. /back to 2006.


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