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17 April 2006

En route, baby

Well, I'm on my way. Just left the hotel. Now I have a 3-hour drive to the airport, a 1-hour flight, 2-hour layover, 1.5 hour flight, a 3.5-hour layover (now in delhi). Then I have the bigun... 15-hour flight to newark, taxi to times square and a shower at the hotel.

Then off to the consulate at 8:30am, mess about aound town until 4:30pm when I can pick up my visa, taxi to newark, and a 1.5 hour flight to pittsburgh. Then TheMom and TheMom2 will pick me up and either take me to dinner, or we'll go straight home.

All in all, without the expected delays... 46 hours. The things I do to get out of india for weddings and friends and such. More later...
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