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12 April 2006

super special sphincter

hah, i just think that is hilarious. at lunch, emma and i have taken to watching TV show DVDs. we've done most of "alias", most of HBO's "OZ", and recently, i turned her on to a great UK comedy i learned of while working at baglan bay, "two pints of lager (and a packet of crisps)" or "two pints" for short. i think it is hilarious, so i ordered the first 5 seasons from amazon and shipped them to emma's house. she brought them back, we watch them at lunch, and the post title was mentioned in today's episode by donna's mum. "and to think, i pushed you out my super special sphincter"... i was rolling. if anyone likes a good comedy, AND has a region-free DVD player (it is UK so it is region 2), i highly suggest you get it.

anyways, i suppose i should put some more substance to this post. last night emma and i were going to try the new-hotel-in-town's (not open yet) restaurant. we were told it would be open at the end of march. i had a business card, but as many of you might know, i'm petrified of the phone, so emma called and found out they MIGHT open in another month... typical indian scheduling. so we decided to go to kalinga (i always think of cunnilingus when i say that), and had a good meal, drinks, good conversation, it was cool. we went back to the hotel bar and a had another drink or two, then in true rock star style, it was time for drunken guitar playing. i practiced my chords, i'm getting better, she tried to teach me some bar chords, but i was a little bit too tuned for that. i realized emma is such a rock star. she's breaking out beatles' songs i've never heard of, i didn't know the tune, so she played it on her iPod, and WOW!!! she is amazing. she can read music no problem, because she played piano, like four-notes-at-a-time music. i can only read sax music, which is one note at a time, and that was ages ago, i'm a bit rusty. she is true rock star style. she even has the look. she was wearing jeans, some light-blue girly shirt and she'd borrowed my steelers baseball cap before we left for dinner... and it didn't look strange, actually it looked pretty good.

so emma:
  • can rock a hat with a girly outfit
  • plays guitar
  • can drive a standard
  • skydives
  • scuba dives with sharks
  • knows all the cool happy hours in minneapolis
  • likes live music in local bars
  • she has no problem talking and MAKING FRIENDS WITH strangers
  • ... and much, much more
she's too cool for her own damn good. i hope to learn some things from her. i wanna be cool, and not be afraid of phones... and talking to strangers... and...


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