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14 April 2006 - i love it, but i don't get it

amazon is crazywhen the fill in controls TA was here he brought a ton of DVDs. i watched the entire first season of '24' and half of the 2nd. i was hooked, but he had to leave when emma came back, so i'm hanging. i'm ordering seasons 1-4 on amazon, sending them to my house, and bringing them back here for entertainment to keep my brain for melting out my ears. the funny thing is, look at this screenshot of the prices (click for 1024x768 pic). i'm not sure of what amazon's deal is, but i can't think of any DVD extras that are worth $40. AND if i buy them separately, i get a 'best value savings' of $10 off for buying them separately. i don't get it, but i love it.

i gotta go, i'm getting ragged on my the fellow TAs (well, actually emma) for how much money i spend on the internet.


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