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14 April 2006

the next big thing

do you feel inadequate...

do you ever feel like you're just not BIG enough...

have you ever wanted to increase your load but didn't know how...

well, friend, WAIT NO LONGER!!!

nomadic tendencies is proud to present...


as you can see, RōP can make you stand out from the crowd in any situation. for comparison, we here at nomadic tendencies have placed a yellow box on the truck to represent a normal load for one of these indian hauling trucks, very similar in size to a standard american dump trucks. this poor driver was so embarrassed of making his trips on the indian Golden Quadrilateral (when only carrying his puny load (represented by the yellow box) until NT came to the rescue. with a little help from RōP, he can now unsafely carry almost FIVE TIMES his legal safe load. this driver has nothing but praise for NT and our latest product, RōP.

unpaid testimonial by actual customer:
"va ru tragi da ru. ne nu tray gitini. nenu va chchu chu nna vu." * --- satisfied RōP customer (poor indian driver), rajendra karthikeyan sankenerayanan srinivas jones
so, please, won't you got out to your local marketplace and pick up some RōP. or, for a limited time only, if you call our NT representatives at 1-800-BLOOD-ON (ext.THE-HIWAY), for every order of RōP you purchase, we'll throw in FREE OF CHARGE our latest innovation, SōP. SōP is made using a proven prehistoric technology. what do you use SōP for, you ask? by finding a source of water, like a river for example, and following the simple directions on the packaging, you can rid yourself of those foul-smelling pheromones that pervade your general vicinity. SōP is specially formulated so that you can use it on your clothes as well, so EVERYONE can take advantage of your conscious effort to smell better. so please, call now.

* "they will drink. i drunk. i am coming."


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