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08 April 2006

zacanese... now recognized by the UN

i'm making zacanese a (pseudo-official) language. GRANTED, zacanese is typically the drunk-speak/drunk-type people get out of me in inebriated states, but i'm also allowing this word to be loosely correlated with ZUMEL: the zacarian unabridged modified english language. strangely enough, ZUMEL/zacanese looks like the ORIGINAL zacanese written in drunken e-mail throughout college and beyond to various levels of friends, enemies, and orcs. if you have the time (and the patience), go check out the latest blog sensation, ZUMEL, the zacarian unabridged modified english language. tell me what you think, and seriously, you HAVE to be in the right mindset to check it out. it takes time for ME, and i'm writing the shite.


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