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18 April 2006

Inflight duty-free and the geriatrics

That's the name of my band when it gets up and running. Emma on guitar/keybaord guitar (a la the 1980's and "revenge of the nerds"), the mech TA on drums, and I'll be lead vocals and onstage sex appeal.

No, but really. I have such an issue with inflight duty-free. I think it is just a racquet to get credit card numbers over international waters. Now, I don't do duty-free very often because 1) I don't smoke, 2) I've only recently gotten into drinking liquor, and 3) I rarely have the room in my bags or third limb to carry the new one. But on the last 3 int'l lights I've been on, I've seen something I've wanted, and they'd ALWAYS just sold the last one on the incoming flight. Onetime I even got charged for someone else's vodka. Luckily they caught and fixed that before we landed. This time I wanted to buy and inflight power adapter since my computer battery lasts for shite. It's just an adapter that makes the in-seat power outlet a typical 2-prong 110V outlet I can use. But no such luck. Maybe next time.

And remember that guy with the binder I just posted about? Well, he is across the right aisle from me, and I don't know how he's not in better shape. The guy gets up to go to the bathroom every 15-20 minutes... ON A 15-HOUR FLIGHT!!! That's like 45-60 trips. Now it's no cardio, but the guy sure is getting his reps in.

And then there is the lady across the left aisle from me. Poor little old indian lady, looking scared to death of white people. She's been eyeing me the whole flight (er, at least while I've been awake) like I'm going to eat her at the first chance I get. I don't think she knows english very well, she knows 'water', and she was able to order indian food for her meal (the menu was in english and hindi). Other than that, she just huddles under her blanket the whole time. Again I ask, why can't I ever get stuck sitting next to a hottie who's in to breaking the ice (cuz I'm scared of people).

Well, we are about 3 hours out from NYC. Gonna start planning how to go about getting everything done as easily as possible. Later.
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