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05 June 2006

back to the beach

yesterday was probably the last day we are going to have off for a while, but that is in a good way. that is in the way that, the days ahead of us are going to be filled with progress, finishing up punchlists, closing out reports, and getting in the mindset to get the fukk outta here. emma and i SHOULD get out of here around the same time, so if that happens, she is gonna teach me how to vacation. we wanna go check out the kiwis down in new zealand. all the funny accent, hardly any of the deadly beasts.

anyways, we went to the beach again. this time it was just emma, ali and myself as detlef was on R&R (just got back today, poor chap). it was a bit cloudy but nice, and the sun came out for a bit toward the end of our trip which made emma happy. the waves were a bit bigger this time so we were trying to bodysurf them and just lounge about in the water. it was relaxing. ali knew of a nice hotel in kakinada (where the beach is), so we stopped for some food, he suggested the fish. it was surprisingly good (our rajahmundry the hotel does a great disservice to the fish it serves) and it was served with fresh cabbage and carrots. yumalicious.

we slept most of the way back, as the wave surfing, getting beat down by the waves, and sun had taken their toll on us. it wasn't until we got back to the hotel and i took a shower that i'd realized... WOW!!! i got burnt. googly. and because of my lovely "husky" figure, i have some of THE STRANGEST tan lines ever. parts of the love handles, a hair tanline since it was down, the bottom of my man-bewbz are white. i look like an alien lobster. it doesn't feel too bad today, but it is kinda funny looking.

on other news, detlef's birthday is tomorrow, the DoS (Day of Satan), since tomorrow is 6-6-06. emma's is the day after, so i think we are celebrating both birthdays on the 7th. emma told me i didn't need to get her a cake since i got her one a couple days back to celebrate her being out of the country long enough to get her tax money back. it wasn't the greatest but it was the thought that counted. she'd totally forgotten about it. that was the one thing keeping me going for the longest time was my excel program counting down the days to '330'.

well, i'm gonna go play with my C++ compiler, i'm so happy. i LOVE coding in C++. anybody need anything written up that executes in a DOS prompt? calculations? inventory? anything? i'm bored, and i like it. later. gotta go get unrusty.


Blogger themom said...

SUNBURNED???? At least you didn't have anything written on your body in permanent marker. Or did you??? take care of those sensitive areas!! hee hee!


7:33 AM, June 06, 2006  

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