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31 May 2006

come with me, on a walk down memory lane

ah man, i had the counting crows song "american girls" stuck in my head all day yesterday, and it really took me back. back to college again, that is. i couldn't have 2 college flashbacks in one day so i held off on this one. it's nothing really specific, but it was fun.

as i've said before, i'm what i would say, extremely shy, especially around new people. i didn't really hang out with the engineering friends i matriculated with for most of the 5 years i was at CWRU. i had some close friends i met in the dorms and basically stuck with them. slowly, class by class i talked to more engineering students and created a tiny little circle of OTHER friends.

if i do recall correctly, it was during a late class that ended at 8PM in the glennan building that i was invited to go to a bar i'd never been to. the bar was like two stone's throw from my dorm, but nope, never been there (i seriously need some social learning). i think it was me, paul, and cale. cheap pitchers at this tiny folk bar called the barking spider. nice enough. it was cool to meet these new people who invited "that guy they'd seen in all their classes but never talked to". i'm not good at starting conversations. got drunk, made some friends, got invited to be there same bat-time, same bat-channel next week.

i met trinny, i believe, in weight-lifting class for phys ed, where we'd talk about just about everything and nothing at all. i was always trying to defend the pros of pornography and she was always did quite a good job at keeping me in check. we came to topics we knew we'd never agree on. i was kinda re-introduced to her through my new "engineering" friends. there was another bar we'd meet up at on occasion called the winking lizard on conventry. i met another engineer, mara, and usually saw her there or in classes.

i don't really have anything specific to talk about, just a general feeling of good times. sometimes i'd end up over at paul's place and counting crows would be on. cale was a big fan since they're both from PA. we'd drink and bullshit and play beirut/beer pong. one time my roommates and i were having a party. it was a strange conglomeration of all our different majors. travis has his polymers people (and some locals since he's from cleveland), jared had some geology friends and his girlfriend has some anthropology people stop by, sandy had some people come in. sandy was amazingly smart and into lots of stuff (pre-med, religion, tae kwan do, etc) so his friends were varied. julie had her aerospace classmates and co-workers stop by. and i had my mech friends. funny thing is, i saw some people walking down the street and in the glow of the corner streetlight, it looked as if they had bathrobes on. it was my mech friends, donning robes since i wore robes on campus. 'twas quite a good time. by the end of the night, i didn't recognize most anybody on the ground floor as some of the neighbors had strolled in and took over our euchre tournament.

i wonder where everyone is now. last i heard paul is still with TheGeneral, mara had turned to a competitor, trinny is going back for an MBA, not sure about cale. wonder if they'd be going to the reunion? odds are india will keep me away from that, but one can always hope to see friendly faces again. i don't share ALL the memories they do, but i've got some at the end of our times together at good ol' CWRU.

thanks for taking a walk with me down MY memory lane. you may not know the people, but now you know a little more about me.


Anonymous jared said...

Dude- remember at that same party Catherine fell through a hanging carpet (or something like that) in the basement bathroom and cut her head open?! Also that's the night Jay told us that he and Rachel were engaged. Ah, the memories...

9:28 AM, June 02, 2006  
Anonymous trinny said...

Hey, I had to have known you before the weightlifting class. I remember I painted your fingernails for my "demonstration" speech in English for engineers. That lame-o, english PhD student-teacher blew. But at least painting your nails was fun. I also remember walking back with you from some senior week event and singing Que-Sera-Sera on Hestler/Ford Street at night.

6:28 PM, June 02, 2006  

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