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02 June 2006

starting on my list

well yesterday i found what i hear is the best FREE C++ compiler out there, DevC++ by bloodshed software. i'm hitting some minor walls, but that is to be expected since i haven't used C++ in almost 5 years. luckily (and nerdily of me), i brought my C++ book from college with me to india. i pulled some code straight out of the book to see how the thing works, and it runs HALF the program (the input part), but when i hit enter to feed it the input, the window closes without giving me the output. don't know what the deal is there. C++ has evolved a bit since i last used it so i'm guessing i need to add something to the code that tells the window to stay open or something. blah, but i am trying to make some progress in bettering myself rather than making lists about bettering myself. yea!!!


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