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18 November 2006

big reds in the state semi-finals!!

just a quick congrats to the bellaire big reds who defeated new lexington 45-7 in the quarterfinals. both teams were 12-0 going into the game, and only one emerged 13-0. two teams enter, one team leaves. seems we've been doing a lot of that... beating undefeated teams. i'm not getting cocky, it's happened to us in the past and every undefeated team has their chance to go home empty-handed, but i'm glad things are going
so well since this is coach magistro's last season as our head coach. let's push for them to get all the way to the state championship. right now, youngstown cardinal mooney stands in our way, and they HAVE been a thorn in our side in past playoffs. hopefully we have copious notes.


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