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25 November 2006

ah the memories...

for some reason, i got kenny chesney's i go back stuck in my head, and i actually “went back”. i was thinking how much i miss art class. i had such a great time goofing around with JohnH and DaniB in MsT’s class. the lady had parkinson’s or some shite where her hands shook like crazy. she SERIOUSLY could drawy a straight line with a ruler, it was so bad. we were kids and were mean behind her back, it happens. i think i taught most of the calligraphy part of the class, because when i was young and writing poetry, i thought for some reason it had to be in calligraphy, so i’d taught myself many years before. JohnH was an excellent artist, highly unmotivated at times, seemed a bit disturbed on other occasions, but a cool kid. i don’t recall him graduating with us; i think maybe he transferred to St. C.

i can’t recall whether ChumpAss was in my early high school art classes or not, i don’t believe he was. then there was MrJones who took over after MsT. he had a glam mullet going on, but a good teacher… a bit experimental at times. the oil painting class was good. i enjoyed that class tremendously and kept on painting for several years after that class. i remember the time this one girl turned around with a fully loaded paintbrush and ran smack into me and my favorite shirt. at the time, i was angry but looking back maybe it was a good thing. it was a horribly ugly plaid shirt (reds and purples and greens) with a blue denim collar that was doing it’s very best at keeping me from getting ANY trim in high school. so, to i-forget-your-name: i’m sorry i was angry at the time, and i thank you.. ChristyM was in the class, sitting across from me to the left. she played backetball i think, cute, popular; she was one of the few people who liked my long hair back then. she was also one of the few attractive people to talk to me. that was cool, boosted this nerd’s esteem a wee bit. AlisonH sat directly across from me. she was smart, quiet, an excellent artist. she drove me crazy because she worked hard at school, did great, i think she was a co-salutatorian, killed the curves in classes, and then went to art school. wtf?! you don’t need good grades to go to art school. she could’ve spent her high school years drinking, drugging, partying, whatever, but without the stress of doing good at school. still, she was herself, and i can fault her for that.

well, this post was started because i was reminded of oil painting class and the people in it, because as i was walking across site yesterday, i smelled something reminiscent of that class… the smell of oil paint, thinner, and linseed oil. i need to get home longer without so many distractions so i can start painting again. i miss it. maybe i should buy a house to seclude myself in, but then we go back to that old argument over me never being home to use it, and difficult to maintain from across the world, but that’s another post for another time.


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