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27 November 2006

i can drive, baby

*** NOTE: i drove the truck to the machine shop yesterday, but was so nervous about driving/stalling that i can't remember how to get back there today. hah. **

i know, it is embarrassing being my ripe old age of 28 and not being able to drive a manual transmission vehicle, but alas, that is the case. i mean, i can make it move, but it’s not pretty. well i brought this up to the site guys a couple days ago because they wanted me to drive them somewhere. today i rode down with one of the guys to the laydown yard to look at some parts. on the way back, he threw me the keys. he told me it’s the best place to learn since there was plenty of space and it’s the customer’s vehicle.

well, it went amazingly better than i had expected. maybe my brain has been pondering on the specifics so long that it figured them out sub-consciously. i mean, i’d still have to practice hills and whatnot, but i was pleasantly surprised. i drove to several spots onsite for about a half-hour and only stalled twice; once, trying to take off with the e-brake on, and the second time, coasting into a parking spot and forgetting to downshift or press the clutch (i was stuck in automatic mode). the irish guy, who was raised on manual transmission, said he thought i was joking i did so well. not too bad. i’m the man, oh yeah!


Blogger ChumpAssFool said...

Hey dick-lover! Don't forget who gave you your first lesson driving a standard transmission.

1:41 PM, November 29, 2006  

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