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05 December 2006

it's no ibiza, but it's home

i'll be back in TheValley soon, though not for very long. i booked my flight from hassi to madrid to JFK to pittsburgh, ALL on the thursday, 7-december (it'll be a 31 hour day for me, woo hoo). it's one of the few international flight itineraries one can make without having to have an overnight stay anywhere. i'll prolly be crazy exhausted when i get home, but it'll be worth it just to be home. TheMom, i'll put up any remaining christmas decorations friday through sunday.

monday i'm off to schenectady to work on a presentation to close out my last project, then off to see jules in minneapolis for a few days, then further onward to **GASP** meet her family family after almost a year and half of dating. a movie scene keeps popping into my head whenever i think about meeting her family. it's the scene from 'batman' where jack nicholson as the joker smirks into the camera "wait'll they get a load of me". hah.

then back to TheValley on the 21st for my birthday and christmas. jules is coming in soon after and we are going to spend new year's together, probably somewhere in columbus. need to look into hotels. so, that's what i'm up to. hopefully i'll see you all somewhere sometime.


Blogger swedish chef dave said...


the film that keeps popping into my head at the moment about your meeting the family is meet the fockers, not seen the film only the trailers so i am just guessing, hope it all goes well, i am just about to read all your blogs from Algeria. keep having fun, i am still on holiday until the 1st of Jan

speak to you later

Dave back in the jungle about to also do my blog update from Hawaii

12:04 PM, December 05, 2006  

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