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08 January 2007

I take it back...

And not to offend my non-existent african-american readers... I don't ALMOST wish I was a woman...

I ALMOST wish I was black. The bartender here at fridays at the philly airport, might quinn, is the bomb. He actually helped me into my first airport bar conversation. A real one, a fun one. Quinn, I'll take courses, teach me, lead me to the light.

There are scholarships from what I hear, there are organ advantages (again) by rumor, but I couldn't watch NASCAR lest I was routing for that BAM guy... Or is he driving trucks?

Enough for now, I think I'm well on my way to hell... To sit alongside the mighty quinn. Thanks Q-dogg.
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Blogger Rich | Championable said...

I almost wish I was marmalade.

12:46 PM, January 10, 2007  
Blogger themom said...

omg - how many drinks did you have at the airport? and Rich ---- marmalade? Very interesting. luv ya baby.


10:57 AM, January 11, 2007  

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