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08 March 2007

it hurts...

yesterday, i did the unthinkable. i... joined a gym. and i hurt. i'm so out of shape, it's awful. funny thing is, i'm not a member of one, but TWO gyms. i know. i have have a deep dark secret. when i was living with TheSteadman several years back in columbus, i joined on at the bally's there. it was some crazy deal, pay a couple grand for 3 years or something then $17/month for life, so i did it. not long after that, i left the country for work and couldn't ever find the time to go back to a bally's anywhere. still, the woman part in my head was saying, "it's SUCH a good deal in the long term, don't cancel", so i didn't. so i've paid the couple grand to visit that gym franchise maybe 5 times, and i'm into the $17/month part of the deal, but still nowhere near a bally's here in SE ohio.

jules wants me to get skinny (i kinda do too, she gets too much attention/free drinks at bars, i get jealous, so i want some attentiont too, hah), so i joined the local world gym here in town. $50/month and i can cancel anytime. the rate never drops like the bally's deal, so first long term assignment i'm ditching them. either way (keep in mind i'm a big boy and haven't "exercised" in years), i did 20 minutes on the elliptical, 20 on a bike, and 45 minutes lifting, and EVERYTHING hurts. i just talked to jules (who went to ireland last night for work, man i miss ireland), and she says that means i'm doing something right. i don't know about that philosophy.

my philosophy leans more toward harmony. it didn't hurt getting fat, it shouldn't hurt getting skinny. i got fat by eating non-discriminantly, just too much food. i think i should be able to get skinny by still eating non-discriminantly, but downsize the portions. all these diets... carbs make you fat, fat makes you fat, protein makes you fat; to me is all shite. eating a double whopper meal everyday then snacking as you walk past the fridge makes you fat. stuffing your piehole when you are bored makes you fat. with a little self control, i think you can lose weight by eating the same things, but saying "man, i'm full; i don't need to 'clean my plate' of these commericialized super portions".

somehow this post turned into a pseudo-rant. sorry. just wanted to let you all know, i'm crazy sore, and STILL going to try to fight through it to get to the gym today. i'm gonna be SKINNY!!!

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Blogger themom said...

...and I just wait for the "magic" pill. Go to bed FAT and wake up SKINNY!!! Only in my dreams. Good Luck baby! Luv ya.


7:46 PM, March 08, 2007  
Anonymous steadman said...

i'm telling small meals every 3 hs and drink lots of water lots...drop pop (if you need it, have a diet one)'s the part that hurts....BEER lotsa calories in beer! thats why i've dropped 15 but am holding steady..i like the brew

8:01 AM, March 09, 2007  

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