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04 March 2007

zed heads

that's the term max brooks uses for zombies. i like zombie movies, particularly newer ones but still, i can appreciate the older ones as well. while we were working in india, jules was even nice enough to get me a zombie movie collection when she went on her R&R.

i'm currently reading "world war Z: an oral history of the zombie war" by max brooks. in it, he tours around the world after the big zombie war interviewing the people who battled and survived the war, and how they did it. i know it sounds kinda dumb, but i think it is a good book. for those who think zombies don't exist so reading the book is goofy, granted zombies may not exist but there are possibilities like things such as super-flus that could ravage the world in a similar fashion. i believe this is his second book, his first being "the zombie survival guide". i think that might be my next book purchase. i'm gonna be prepared.

anyways, if you want to get some ideas on how to protect yourself from the living dead, you can check out the zombie initiative. it's all in good fun, but there are some good ideas collected there that would be useful even in severe emergencies or evacuations. if you check it out, tell me how you like it and if i'm paranoid/crazy.

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