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30 April 2007

the dilemma

i was going to make a new blog today, an entirely new blog, an offshoot into different arenas as the ZUMEL was.

the blog is based on a conversation that was had in india between myself, TheDutchman (who was german) and TheIranianTA the same night i snorted chili powder. before the snorting (or maybe after to take my mind off the pain), we began talking about the upper and lower percentiles of people, that is, the best and worst of humanity, focusing more on the worst. we decided on trying to list 5 people the world would be better without, are kinda useless, annoying, dangerous, etc., and then naming one person who should be brought back or empowered. i talked, that night, about turning it into a blog where people could give their lists, their reasons, and whatnot, and how cool that would be, but i had to simmer the idea. the original title from that conversation was "who would you assassinate?". let me tell ya, GW isn't very well liked outside the U.S. for his "we don't need the UN, we'll do as we like" policies around the globe, so i put 2 and 2 together... the long "a" word i used in the blog title and GW on the same webpage, and i might end up in some gulag-like detainment camp underneath GW's prairie chapel ranch. so, if i were to make a page like that, i'm guessing there is a little better than 100% chance that GW might end up on someone's list, and since, i don't want to make nice with ahmed "bubba" al-ramyou, i need a new title. that's where you, my loyal fans, come in. i don't have any cool cash and prizes to give you, but if i use your title idea, i'll give you mad propz (hah), and i guess i could send you some junk i bought online that's collecting in my room? maybe.

so, can anyone give me some good synonyms or words for, um... removing someone from power/the public eye, etc? it has to be all encompassing since the list isn't purely political. it is a list of people you think are overrated, bothersome, you get my drift. any ideas would be great. drop me some comments or e-mails, i wanna get this puppy started so i can see who you guys hate (and miss having around).


Blogger B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

'The Liquidation Station'

6:20 PM, May 01, 2007  

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