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13 May 2007

coming down

i am in this horrible funk, and it sucks. i can't be bothered to do anything. i'm at work, and i need to get these reports done so i can leave site on tuesday, but all i want to do is wander about in the rain until the end of shift then go to bed. maybe it's a rebound, because i had a really good time last night so the morale was high, now is crashing down below acceptable levels. it goes a little something like this...

i finished nightshift around 8AM and had to take one of the supervisors back to his hotel, we'll call him TheH. the night crew was being demobilized as there wasn't much work to do besides start the units, and i was transferring to dayshift starting sunday morning, so i had some time to kill. one of the crew offered to follow me back to my hotel and bring me back, so i could drop off my car and not worry about getting a DUI, so i took him up on the offer, then proceeded to get loose. TheH says watching me drink is like pouring water into a barrel of sawdust. this goes handily with one of my BTB nicknames, the fish. so we drank and TheH told some of the best stories i've heard in my life. we were rolling. that guy has led one hell of a life, stories are what life's all about and he is full of life. wow. i actually first met TheH when i visited jules in the west of ireland about 2 months ago. she was working with him, and i just met him at the bar when they got back from work.

anyways, i knew i was hitting a wall (both sleep and drink) i think around noon or 1-ish, so i had the hotel call me a taxi and i went to my bed. the dayshift TA (DSTA from now on out) called me around 8:30 for dinner, but i was in no mood to eat, my bed was the best place in the world at that time, and i told him to call me when he was done and we'd go out. he called about 9:15 or so, and said he'd drive to the town center, and we'd light it up. i made it downstairs about 10 minutes later and walked right into a hen party (bachelorette party to us yanks) with one of the girls asking if the dayshift TA was a stripper. i made for a poor wingman since i was still kind of asleep, and told them no, but they were still offering him £40 to go for it. we ended up not leaving the hotel and hanging out with these girls all night. the girls noted that DSTA was usually hanging around with TheLaura, joking that he had a crush. i ended up talking to TheNikki most of the time. we determined that we are interjecters. we aren't really good at starting conversations, but once they start we are pretty good at firing things in there to keep them going. strangely enough, we started up a conversation, two negative make a positive , i guess. the drink was flowing, laughs were had, met some nice people. the whole hen party, DSTA, and myself went to find the hotel disco, and ended up walking into a wedding reception that we were promptly removed from. there is a tiny wheelchair elevator on the long hallway back to the lounge for the 4 stair rise in the hallway. DSTA and TheLaura walked the stairs, while TheNikki, some random guy who got caught up in our party snowball, one of the other hen partiers, and myself decided to take the wheel chair elevator. we got stuck, the gate wouldn't open, so we had to hop over it, then proceeded to give DSTA grief for not coming to look for us. the bride to be had a deck of cards she had to go through before the end of the night. early on in the night she pulled the "lap dance" card. i didn't know this. she pulled it right as i was coming downstairs to meet DSTA. i walked through the door and DSTA tells me to sit down on the bench WTF?! so i did and she came over and gave me a 3 second lap dance, long enough for pictures. it was funny.

DSTA went to bed around 1AM or so. i bobbled around until about 3AM, talking to TheLaura, TheNikki, some random other strangers. got some advice about my situation. it had a really good time, now the problem is, i'm in a funk. part from my other issues, but part from the come down. whenever i have a good time as such, and it ends, i get depressed. depressed that it didn't last longer or whatever, i first noticed this strange reaction in college when some friends came up to visit. when they left i was really down. i'm a strange one, i am. i need some good news, and until then, i'll try to sleep it away. g'night.


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