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08 May 2007

when the levee breaks

about 2.5 years ago, i had an assignment in tempe, AZ, doing some nightshift maintenance work. i had to go in at 9AM for safety orientation, then had the whole day off to dick around and get time-oriented (which meant i should've slept), but instead i went to the mall. i like cinemas and malls because of the people. i'm horrible at talking to people (but i'm learning), but i do my best to at least TRY to have some sort of interaction with them... malls seem to work for me. i like the band, tool, and the lead singer has a side project (that in turn, has kinda become a full-fledged project itself) called a perfect circle, and they'd just released a new CD called emotive. it's a CD of old anti-war rally song covers, and two original anti-war songs from the band. it is a powerful CD, i listened to it over and over and over again driving around the tempe area, windows down, stereo blasting. excellent. i know a lot of people say john lennon's imagine, is untouchable but they covered it with such emotion, flattening out the notes, changed syllabic stresses. it's truly moving, goosebumps and shite.

i'm listening to it now. for some reason, i find it comforting or motivating or something considering my own situation, though how so, i couldn't quantify. i seriously would recommend this CD for anyone who is into rock, and likes good music/covers. even if you aren't anti-war, the music is excellent.

my favorites are:
  • let's have a war
  • when the levee breaks
  • fiddle and the drum
  • imagine
  • counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums

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