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30 May 2007

oh bring on the random

ok... this may be stream of consciousness but...

i woke up this morning going to algeria (AGAIN). i'm waiting for the paperwork, and i get a call (paraphrase) no, don't go to algeria, we have a guy in canada who can go, you go to canada. um, ok, but i have to wait for paperwork again (who knew we needed paperwork to go to a NAFTA country? i've driven there for better lapdances). i'm waiting for the paperwork, i contact the guy i'm replacing, he tells me to book it, the paperwork will come. i talk to manager, he concurs, i'm booking... i get a call and here is where it turns like '24'. the viewers heart is thumping... the clock is ticking... i'm moving the mouse over the "purchase trip" button, when **RING** (paraphrase) DO NOT TRAVEL!!! we are having some conflict. hold on the travel. this is about 3PM. i go out, i hang with TheNephew, we ride bikes, practice some baseball, have dinner, then i check my phone. missed call, TheManager, (paraphrase) good to go, book the flight, so now i'm going to canada for a bit shy of 3 weeks. what fun.

since i watch the NBA finals, TheMom and i sat outside, she with a bottle of cafe zin, me with a 12 of miller lite, and watched the jazz-spurs game on the deck. we finally had our talk. i didn't wanna talk about the "bad thing" going on in my life since i've been here, but she is a mom and she wanted to. i've avoided it for almost 2 weeks but we had our talk. i missed most of the game (though i'm watching the jazz get USED in the 4th right now, we talked about random things, philosophy, religion, politics, but we got back to my issue. i got some good advice. tough but good advice. i was going to go to my room at halftime to fall asleep to the game, since i have to get up at 6AM to travel 11 hours AND THEN work a 12 hour shift. didn't work. hopefully i'll get to bed before midnight the way this game is going. we had a good talk, we got TheDog drunk (now quit, it was funny). she's a lightweight, 1.5 beers and she falls over trying to scratch and itch [and she's a decent size dog (shetland sheepdog or such), if i was a dog, i'd want to date her]. i missed the falling, TheMom told me about it. she did take a nape before her second drink... and keep in mind, we didn't force her. there was a bowl, which she drank of willingly. moreso, in fact, as she drank. there might be a possible study here.

so, i'm going to canada tomorrow, i MAY have had a revelation about my problem (tough as it may be to deal with), TheMom and i had a good time, TheDog had a good time. i'm going to bed for the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG day tomorrow. hope they have redbull in the great white north.

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Blogger themom said...

Be specific here - THE DOG took a nap before her second drink - not themom!!! I polished my bottle off quite nicely. But I do think the dog is HANGING today!!! Luv ya!

9:00 AM, May 31, 2007  
Blogger Rich | Championable said...

Safe journeys, brother. I can't imagine what the problem is, but here's to resolution. Or at least acceptance.

10:12 PM, May 31, 2007  

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