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06 June 2007

random stuff i've forgotten to write about

  • on the radio, every day on the way to work, i get to hear the "rodeo roundup". apparently rodeo-ing is BIG in canada. i wouldn't think big enough to put it on the radio, but i guess, so.
  • also, yesterday on the way to work, i heard the weather forecast. i have to get used to metric. the forecast called for 14-15mm of rain, winds up to 40km/h, and a low of 14°C. my head almost split trying to convert all those at once while driving (for us imperialists, that's just over 1/2" of rain, winds up to about 25mph, and just shy of 59°F).
  • i picked up a bad habit from jules in india of sleeping in until pretty much the last minute, throwing on the clothes, and heading to work. today, i must've done it too quick, because my brain was NOT awake. i left my room, walked to the elevator, and started pushing the unlock button on my rental car key fob to open the doors. it took me about 10 seconds to figure out why the elevator doors weren't opening, so i then pushed the ELEVATOR call button. then, driving to work i take CA-11. CA-11 splits off from 30th ave at a 90° angle after about 5 minutes being on it. about 20 minutes of driving i realize, i have no clue where i am. i was daydreaming and completely missed the turn off, so i had to make a U-ey, book it back to the CA-11, and barely made it to work on time.
  • i forgot to post this sunday morning on my way home from work: there's nothing like leaving work 6:00AM, sunday morning, for your day off, driving 100mph with the windows down in a foreign country (even if that country is canada) while rocking out to stealer's wheel - "stuck in the middle with you". i felt alive, being different from the rest of the world. canadian roads are DEAD on sunday mornings.
i think that's about all for the update.

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