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05 June 2007

the subway diet

working nights, it is tough to eat right. it's not like you can hope offsite at 3AM for lunch, so you have to bring all your food with you. when there is a subway nearby, i usually revert to the subway diet. three 6" subs, 3 bags of baked chips and 3 diet pops. that's all you eat in a day. i'm kinda like a zombie when i work nights, so i get to the hotel at 7:30AM, shower, and am in bed by around 8AM or so. no where to get a few drinks, and mornings aren't all that exciting anyways. i sleep pretty much straight through until about 4:30 or 5PM, get ready, and head to site at 5:45PM, so there isn't much time to get a real meal. i've been doing the subway diet since i've been here (except my day off on sunday), but i've not been getting the chips (they don't have baked lay's here), and i'm drinking water instead of pop. plus, i've only been eating two subs instead of three (just not hungry, i guess). it's easy, and good for me so maybe i can drop a few pounds before the end of june. i'd like to go to the hotel gym but they don't open til 9AM or something stupid.

all that description was just so i'd have a reason to post that picture (not bad for a phone cam). i've never seen kiosks at subway. they are awesome. you touchscreen your order, you can even specify "extra" or "light" on toppings, condiments, and meats. when you are done, it prints out a receipt that you give the the cashier, you pay, and they start making your sub. they actually prefer you use those than talking to them directly. strange, but i like 'em, i like ALL technology, useful or not.

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Anonymous j-rod said...

If I ever see "Subway Jared" on the street (or in an elevator, at the beach, at church...) I'm going to haul off and punch him in the face. And thanks to his pansy diet, I'll own him. That guy has soiled the name. Seriously, right in the nose.

10:58 AM, June 10, 2007  

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