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28 August 2007

apology expert?

i was sitting at the TGIFriday's at the pittsburgh airport when michael vick came on to apologize. after his press conference, they had some analysts including and apology expert. wtf is an apology expert, and how do you get to be one? school? just a good liar? naturally good at making excuses when you get in trouble?

anyways, as i was leaving for my gate, i decided to bring up to the bartender this point. it went something like this:

ME: (pointing to TV) how do you get to be an apology expert?
HIM: (glanced at TV) i'm sorry, i missed that... What did you say?
ME: (again pointing to TV) vick just apologized, and they have an apology expert analyzing it. What is an apology expert?
HIM: (long look at the TV, apologetic shake of the head) i'm sorry, i'm not sure i get what you are talking about.
ME: (thinking is this guy deaf or stupid) dr. Lazaar (?) is analyzing vick's... Ah, i get it. That's pretty good!!!
HIM: (chuckling) have a good day, sir.

I walked away smiling to myself. That guy was on his feet. I wish i could be that witty, that fast, while sober. Thank you TGIFriday's bartender.


Blogger ChumpAssFool said...

That IS awesome! I had to read it two times before I got it myself. Ha, kudos to you, TGIFriday's bartender!

1:11 AM, August 30, 2007  

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