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16 August 2007

camping - test overview

the camping went pretty well. TheNephew and iheaded to the tent around 7pm or so. he was dying to turn on his lantern, it went a little something like this for the next two hours... "uncle zac, look outside, it's getting dark... can we? nope, buddy not yet." it was sweltering, so we took advantage of some amenities like TheMom's new 9" fan. we ran an extension cord from the porch through the door, and TheNephew wanted to watch movies on his portable DVD player so we hooked that up too. the fan was a welcome addition, i must say. we watched "ghost rider" and i told him i had a scary movie for him "underworld:evolution". he wasn't really scared except for the bluish vampire. we had a deck of cards but it was about 11:30PM by the time the movies were done so we saved that for the morning. since we are in the city, kinda, we couldn't have a campfire, sorry anonymous, maybe next time.

when the movies were done, TheNephew wanted to go in the house to use the restroom (he has a strange fear of raccoons lately), so we did, then he decided he didn't want to sleep in the tent. no way, buddy, i didn't put that thing up just to play in it for a few hours, so i convinced him it's safe and OK, and around midnight, we slept.

i learned a few things about TheNephew. for example, he knows some sort of sleep jujitsu. he clobbered me on several occasions stirring me from a pseudo-comfortable sleep while he was out cold. he does a weird outstretched arm thing that usually ends up with a quick attack on the nearest human. i also learned when he's sleeping, his bony 38lb frame is far more imposing than one might think. he was ALWAYS impinging on my side of the air mattress, and once or twice, having actually pushed me off before i could shove him back. and another thing, he can sleep through a war. i was awakened around 4:15AM to the tent fly snapping against the tent. i saw that there was some rain coming i nthe forecast but i wasn't concerned as it seemed small-time, and the bungees on the fly would've been enough. i was awake from about 4:15 to about 7:30 enduring probably the worst storm i've ever endured in a portable habitat. thrashing rain, almost constant lightning and ground-shaking thunder kept me awake in case TheNephew wanted to go in the house... he slept right on through the whole thing. he didn't even stir. it was funny, but also, i do find it a bit disturbing in case there ever is a real emergency.

i fell back asleep after the storm and TheNephew woke me up around 9AM wanting to play cards. we played a bit of "war" and "go fish" until it got too hot and stuffy just to sit in a tent. after about an hour, the tent was dry enough to pack up and i did with some help from TheMom. i think he liked it, we might have to try it for real now.

i might not update too much the next few days but do keep coming back. i'm going to cleveland tomorrow to meet up with some college buddies and jules who is passing through cleveland on her way to NY for some training. i'm back to bellaire on sunday only to head out on monday for a long week of pre-partying for the NASCAR race at bristol, tennessee (check out the new blog at The Bristol Experience). after that, a few days off then to myrtle beach for a long labor day weekend for T's bachelor party, then i'll be back on schedule and posting more regularly. i'll do sporadic updates, possible while inebriated, so keep me in check. later.


Blogger Rich | Championable said...

An extension cord while camping?


11:48 AM, August 18, 2007  

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