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14 August 2007

my latest gadgets

here'a a pic of a few of the latest gadgets i've been cash-foolhardy enough to purchase.

on the left, you'll see my new watch. i'm not sure how it started, but i seem to have started a watch collection. i bought three the other day on an outing to cabela's. one even tells the time, date, phase of the moon, the tide, and UV rating, but i digress. this watch on the left is a decent timepiece and still carries with it a 2GB thumb drive. how cool is that? i can keep all my essential programs, work stuff, maybe even a porn or two for emergencies RIGHT ON MY WRIST.

in the middle, you find my new iMuffs. it sounded dirty to me too, but they are pretty rock on so far. i was getting frustrated when i went to the gym because the cord on my headphones was just an inch or two too short and when i would exercise, the earbuds would come out, so i got this. the iMuffs are bluetooth wireless headphones for the iPod. the transmitter plugs into the bottom port of the iPod and transmits up to 30' to the headset. on the right earphone there are controls for pause/play, rewind, and fast forward, plus power and volume. i tried it out today on a bike ride, and it worked perfectly. another added benefit (that i haven't tried out yet) is you can link it to your bluetooth phone. when you get a phone call, it pauses the iPod, you hit play/pause to answer or hold for 2 seconds to cancel the call, the headphones have a microphone in them, then when you are done, the iPod unpauses. apparently it has a 16-hour life and is very light, but i hear report the neckband breaks easily. i'll keep you updated.

the thing on the right is called a ninja remote. it can steal control of pretty much any TV/cable box you point it at. after a few minutes, it finds the code, and *BLAM* you have control. pretty nifty.

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Blogger Rich | Championable said...

Nice. All of it. I especially dig the Ninja Remote.

I sometimes forget about for a few months, and then I get all psyched to see what's new.

Rock on.

10:04 PM, August 14, 2007  

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