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27 September 2007

for friends in far away places

i wanted to post this video for all those people out there who might be far away from the one they love. it's a song called "hey delilah" by the plain white T's. being in MY field that happens far more often than it should. this song is particularly meaningful to me for that reason. i was talking to a buddy of mine for the first time in a while last night, and it reminded me of this song. he was with TheGeneral, we trained together, but he was smart enough to get out after a few years and go back to school. he just broke up with his gf who is from one of the countries in the EU. i have another friend in the same field who's marriage may be on the rocks because of the job. it's a killer. so, this song's for you. it works for me when i'm down. no problem with hope, ya know.

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