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23 September 2007


one of the drivers who takes us to and from work likes to talk. he talks softly, usually has the music up (all in the back speakers), and guess where i'm usually sitting? yup, in the back. i'm usually still half asleep on the way to work and exhausted on the way home but he doesn't take the hint.

the other day we got to telling jokes, it was tolerable compared to most our conversations. his are more mundane, a bit punny actually, compared to my more raunchy ones, but we seemed to make each other laugh, if not out of pity. here are a few:
  • a boy antenna and a girl antenna get married. the ceremony wasn't much to speak of, but the reception was fantastic
  • the invisible man and the invisible woman get married and have a baby boy. he was nice enough, but not much to look at.
and you know how we all know a joke that starts "an italian, an irish, and a pollock..." or "a priest, a minister, and a rabbi..."? he started a joke that i'd heard commonly in the U.S. as starting with "an american, a canadian, and a mexican..." but his started out with "a jamaican, a guyanese, and a trini...". now THAT is a specialized group i never would've put together. i didn't even know where guyana was until i google earth'd it. i thought it was in africa... ah, that's ghana, crap.

at least i learned that it is acceptable to call them trini's instead of trinidadians, which is quite a mouthful.

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